About us

Modern cable assembly from rokatec cannot be limited to copper and plastic. Our quality products also have more than 50 years of experience and the highest level of commitment.

The latest technology provides connections you can rely on 100%.

A story of change

Multiple realignment as a recipe for success

Rokatec has its roots in the company Elektro- und Industrie-Bedarf Scherzer, founded in 1967, which specialized in the manufacture of electrical devices.

In 1972 Scherzer GmbH became a subsidiary of Bergmannkabel AG and shifted its focus to the production of cable harnesses for the automotive and commercial vehicle industries. 

Former Siemens location

Exactly according to your ideas and requirements

In 1991, the previous location was closed as a result of the transition to Siemens Bestellze GmbH & Co. KG. The following year, ATB Industriebedarf GmbH was founded, which primarily manufactured cable harnesses for construction and agricultural machinery.

Rokatec GmbH, founded in 2005, remained true to this successful direction. In order to expand the customer base, however, it also began producing cable harnesses for other areas of application.

So rokatec multiplied its sales by 2018. The company structure changed with considerable growth: the number of employees rose from 20 to 85 and the machine park was also significantly enlarged and modernized.

As a series producer, rokatec is today optimally geared towards large order volumes, not least thanks to technical support from SAP software and others.



Since 2019, rokatec has been in production at the newly built location in Rudolf-Diesel-Strasse 3 in Emlichheim. The company has positioned itself as a reliable series partner for cable assembly and can implement both small and large batch sizes with customer-specific requirements. The goal for the future is to continue to grow with the demands of customers and to help shape new trends.